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April Coffee Break

Time for another installment of the Coffee Break, where I share a little bit about what's happening behind the scenes at MAW, interesting events around Nashville, and a little personal something, as well.

First up: What's going on with MAW? I recently upgraded my camera, and I'm in love with it. The difference in quality of images is incredible. I've never been a gear-head, but I'm a lot more interested in lenses and accessories than I ever have been. Click here to see the initial test shots I've been taking.

Connect-Disconnect sign in the entryway of The Frist
The variety of images and perspectives makes this a must-see for Nashville residents.

Around town: Exhibits at The Frist. The French and British Mellon Collection are on display until May 5, and there's a Dorothea Lange exhibit that just about made me cry it's so beautiful, but the dark horse exhibit is the Connect/Disconnect photo series in the entry hallway of The Frist. This series is taken by local photographers and captures the changing social and physical landscape of Nashville. It's an intriguing set of photos, with many different points of view and some stunning imagery. This is a must-see for anyone living in and around Nashville.

Finally, I've been taking time to nurture my soul, and it's completely changed the energy around me for the better. At the beginning of the year, so much was murky and uncertain, and I couldn't see any next moves in my professional or personal life. Now, even though everything isn't crystal clear, I have a much better grasp of the direction I'm moving.

Tulips, geodes, and candles on an altar for a New Moon ceremony
Attending moon circles has helped me re-connect with my center and put me on a more positive path

It's been over twenty years since I sought out spiritual community, and I'm so glad I listened to my inner self and didn't put it off. Everyone has their own path, and mine isn't yours, but I definitely recommend checking in with yourself on a regular basis to make sure your needs are being met-especially the needs you can address yourself.

What's happening in your life and career that you're excited about? Any events coming up that pique your interest? Share them in the comments!

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