• Melanie

Artist Feature: Miranda Herrick's Works and Days 2 Series

Miranda Herrick put together one of the most superb shows I've ever seen in a gallery. Elements, currently on display at Bennett Galleries Nashville, features the works of three artists, including the full Works and Days 2 series Miranda completed during 2017.

I've been looking forward to this show for about two years, and I still can't believe how well it came off. That's not to say I didn't think Miranda could put together a fantastic show, because I expected nothing less, but the art all works together so well, it impresses beyond expectation.

This show is only up through the end of next week (May 19 it will start coming down) and it's the only chance to see the full 365 pieces in Miranda's Works and Days 2 series. Head to Bennett Galleries ASAP to see this gorgeous show, and pick up a piece (or several) from Miranda's series.

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