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Artist Feature: Anton Weiss-Reaching for Infinity

About a year and a half ago I was hired to document the opening of a retrospective exhibit of the work of Anton Weiss. It was held at the Customs House in Clarksville, and it was a beautiful exhibit.

I was introduced to Anton's work at Bennett Galleries Nashville, and the first time I met Anton I was blown away by his good vibe. He's charming, funny, and kind, and his artistic talent is unlike anyone else's.

Something that hit home for me at this opening is how accessible Anton is. He's so easy to talk to, and, though he's a bit of a superstar in the art world, he has no pretention in discussing his art.

It was also eye-opening to see the evolution of his art, and the different mediums he used over the years.

Anton is now in the middle stages of Alzheimer's, but he still has his signature smile ready for anyone who comes by. It was an honor to photograph such a wonderful body of work, and even more of one to be able to hang out on occasion with such a fantastic person.

Enjoy the photos from the opening.

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