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Behind the scenes: A new journey

Over the past couple of months, I've started looking inward a bit more. There have been a few situations that drained me, so I stepped back from everything mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and, for the first time in a long time, listened to what was going on within.

I found that I was tired.

I found that I was overwhelmed.

I found that I was pushed beyond my capacity.

I found that I was going through the motions.

I found that I have strength.

I found that I am still who I am.

I found that my path is leading somewhere new.

It's been a long time since I've sought community in my spiritual journey, but I felt a need to share space with others to help quiet my outer self so my inner self could be heard. I began attending moon circles through Gaia Sisterhood and Own Your Ohm Health. The concentrated energy in the room is healing. We're all dealing with our own stuff, and it's a relief to come into an environment of positivity and compassion.

I had an awakening at the first full moon circle of the year, when Kim Collins of Own Your Ohm Health talked about how we can't control what others to do us, we can only control how we respond. That really struck a chord, and made me realize that the changes I want to see are within me.

workshop, Nashville craft, gaia sisterhood, Nashville photographer
The altar at the smoke stick workshop hosted by Jen Harvard of Gaia Sisterhood

I've continued to attend moon circles, and also had my first reiki session (that was an amazing experience). I attended a workshop to learn the proper way to make a smoke stick (I started making them out of herbs from my garden in 2018 and wanted to refine my technique). Sharing my spiritual intentions and journey with other people is challenging for me, but it brings me a great deal of peace, too.

Between reiki and moon circles, I've opened channels in my self-awareness that haven't been seen in a long time. I'm less distracted by the world around me and more in tune with myself. This is a journey, so no "completion" is imminent, but it's satisfying (and kind of frightening) to see where I can be better to myself and the world around me.

workshop, Nashville craft, Nashville photographer, studio photography
My smoke stick from the workshop

What is this spiritual stuff doing on my blog? Entrepreneurship can be all-consuming, especially if you're doing something you love. I think a lot of us run ourselves ragged at some point and then NEED to make time to heal and recharge. I was in a very negative mindset and felt taxed by everything around me when I began this journey. Taking this time to clear out some space for myself has helped me see the next steps for both personal development and professional success. I have more focus and a clearer perspective, and I've ended up booking jobs that are creative, challenging, and pay well.

So, if you're feeling overwhelmed, or bogged down, or lost, or any number of things that can distract us, I encourage you to listen to your inner self. Check in to see if you're in need of some recharging. It's an investment in yourself that will benefit you exponentially in the long run.

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