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Photo Catalog: The collection of Elliott Ozment, Attorney at Law, vol. 1

I enjoy my work for many different reasons. One of the things I really like about what I do is getting a peek inside places I normally wouldn't be invited. Photographing in someone's home or work space involves balanced levels of respect, courtesy, and malleability.

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Elliott Ozment, Attorney at Law

When I was hired to catalog Elliott Ozment's historical collection, I wasn't entirely sure what I was in for. As it turns out, I was in for a challenge and a treat. He's collected hundreds (thousands?) of pieces of historical memorabilia, documents, models, and more, and has had many of them mounted or framed. I came in over the course of a few months and photographed his extensive collection last year.

He's housed many of his pieces throughout his office building, where he and his associates practice immigration law. There are fourteen different collections, most of them hanging in their designated areas. I'm sharing a selection from a few of the collections below.

Though not everything needs to be cataloged, it's not a bad idea to photograph your valuables and keep a record of their estimated worth. If you're interested in cataloging your important possessions, contact me for a consultation.

Reception area

Civil Rights Conference Room

Founders Hall

John Lennon

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