• Melanie

Creating vignettes for your online presence

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Whether you want to use them for social media, on your website, for advertising or all of the above, a styled vignette featuring your products is a perfect way to help your customers visualize your work in their daily lives.

One of my clients, Charlotte Terrell, has made good use of areas of her home and the knick knacks she loves. By styling these shots with personal items, a level of authenticity is created that translates to your target customer as "buy me!"

These works sold within minutes of being shared on Instagram.

Another client, Lisa Jennings, had me create a "room" for some of her works. These images are a great way to share ways her different series can hang together.

If you'd like photographs of your work set up in vignettes, contact me for a consultation or to set up a photo shoot.

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