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Cross Marketing: Dropping artwork into interior photographs

The digital age has created an incredible amount of access to all kinds of information and ideas. It's also led the the widespread thievery of images.

When I was first asked to drop in photos of artwork in an existing interior, I was hesitant. I would hate to get a client or myself in hot water for stealing a copyrighted image.

As it turns out, major publications own the rights to their images, and they more shares they get, the more people see their design ideas, and it's a win-win for everyone.

Charlotte Terrell has seen a good amount of traction from designers for sharing her work in their interiors. It's also fun for me, the graphic designer, to see how much I can stretch the limits of my Photoshop skills.

Regardless of how fun it can be, I do recommend crediting the publication, designer, and photographer if you can find the information, and if a cease and desist ever arrives, that's what we'll do.

As you'll see from the examples below, none of the drop-ins are exactly perfect, but they make a good showing in the interiors chosen. If you or someone you know needs graphic design work done, contact me here for pricing and scheduling.

All images used here are property of the publications in which they are featured. I lay no claim to ownership.

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