• Melanie

Nerd love: Designing marketing and promotional materials

One of the satisfying aspects of my job is being part of multi-faceted projects. I have worked with several people who have hired me to take photographs, build their website, and create promotional materials for them. It's wonderful to see my photos being used for different aspects of business, and it makes a positive impact on my relationship with my clients since they don't have to search for a designer.

I've designed everything from small business cards to posters, and one thing I always keep in mind: keep it simple. It doesn't have to be stark, but it should be uncluttered and to the point. Take a look at some samples below to see how each project stands on its own while still having the unifying theme of clarity.

Are you in the market for some new promotional materials? I can create content for print, web, or both. Contact me for pricing.

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