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Dinosaur Kingdom II

This is going to be a bit of a long read, as I'm re-telling some lost history and embellishing as needed.

In early November, my husband, Bill, our friend, Katie (KT), and I took a road trip to Virginia to see some attractions that interested Bill as a pre-birthday celebration (this year was a milestone). One of the attractions we stopped to explore is Dinosaur Kingdom II. Why II? Because the first one burned down and was relocated and rebuilt. Based on the comic book written by Mark Cline and built by the man himself, it was an adventure we were all curious to go on.

When we arrived, it was easy to see Bill had chosen wisely.

The story starts like this:

As we entered the time machine, there were slimers making their presence known. Luckily, we made it through unscathed.

We walked through the town and noticed some of the buildings were in pretty rough shape.

Even so, there's still a functioning art gallery where you can see the original drawings for the park. Push a button and a slimer passes by a window.

The town was just a taste of what we were in for. Entering through a giant rib cage, we found ourselves in the thick of the story.

Turning a corner, we saw some mischievous slimers and a multi-headed creature attempting to dynamite the bridge.

As we made it across, we were right on the border of another scene: a group of Union soldiers surrounded by six dinosaurs, each getting ready to pounce.

As we exited that scene, we almost lost our minds. There was Abe Lincoln himself, sitting on a rooftop, lassoing a pterodactyl! And for good reason, too: the creature had Abe's Gettysburg Chat in its craw.

What do you think so far? Has there been enough action and adventure for you? Because after the lasso scene, we arrive at a more peaceful part of the park. Have you ever seen a reptile getting milked? I hadn't until this park visit!

This simple scene belies the danger waiting ahead.

Can you imagine the strength of the man holding up the wagon with a dinosaur on it? I mean, that can't be easy. Bill is there to offer some helpful advice.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any crazier, we happened across the risen body of Stonewall Jackson, complete with a robo-arm, fighting off what looks like a tyrannosaurus rex. I didn't stick around too long for more photos, as it was getting dangerous.

We continued on through the woods, and came across a scene of soldiers attempting to domesticate the dinosaurs. The brontosaur is incredibly lifelike from every angle.

We noticed dinosaurs through the trees, but we stuck to the path and didn't attract any unwanted attention. One thing is certain, I wouldn't want to get caught stealing eggs like this soldier!

I also wouldn't want a random gorilla to come by and steal my pants and run up a tree.

As we continued on our walk, we came across a Medicine Man, reading a vision on a dinosaur fin. Looks like Custer's demise was seen years before its occurrence.

As we rounded the corner, there was another attack! Slimers on elephants taunted the helpless soldier as he dangled from the teeth of a t. rex. It was a narrow escape, but we made it out unharmed.

Near the exit, there is a statue of the creator of the park with one of his slimers. As we exited, there was one last bit of fun to be had in an outhouse.

The level of creativity and vision it took to build such an elaborate park is amazing. We had a great time learning about some lost Civil War history, and Bill was inspired by all of the sculpture and weirdness. If you ever have a chance to hit up Dinosaur Kingdom II, do it!

The irony of me posting this on my blog is not lost

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