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Opening Reception of Elements at Bennett Galleries Nashville

One of my regular clients is Bennett Galleries Nashville, and I enjoy being their go-to event photographer in addition to my other duties. I typically get a sneak peek of the art for these events, and the most recent show, Elements, was no exception.

This show was Miranda Herrick's concept, and she started planning for it in early 2016. I had the inside scoop that she would be debuting her Works and Days 2 series from the start, but neither one of us knew exactly what the other two artists, Myles Bennett and Saul Gray-Hildenbrand, were going to show.

As it turns out, it couldn't have been planned better. The show had a wonderful flow, with Myles's work on the north side of the gallery and Saul and Miranda sharing the walls on the south side.

This is by far one of the most dynamic and interesting shows I've had the privilege to see. Browse the gallery below to see the show from the night of the opening reception.

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