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February Cup of Coffee

It's that time again, when I share events from my career, life, and city that I think you'll enjoy. I'm a little late with this month's check-in, but for good reason: I've been rocking it with new clients and expanded roles with regular clients. Since that's been taking up a fair amount of time, I'll start with that:

Perfect for context: A simple setting for Hannah to drop her artwork in

A new client: Hannah Lane

I have been an admirer of Hannah's work for a few years now, and I'm so excited to be working with her. She's made some big life changes in the past several years: moving to Nashville from Louisiana, getting married, and having a child. She's also managed to build a solid career as an artist and has called on me to be part of her team.

I'm going to be helping her with content for social media, emails, and her website, and I've been helping her iron out some kinks on the back end of her website, as well. We're at the very beginning of our working relationship, and I look forward to our continued journey.

I snagged this screenshot from the Frist's website. I'm intrigued by the works of Pierre Bonnard, shown here.

At the Frist: The Mellon Collection of French Art

I haven't been to see this show yet, but any time there's a private collection of any kind being shown, it's worth making the time. This is no exception, with the focus being on French Impressionists, and there are some heavy hitters in the lineup, with Monet, Degas, and Renoir among them.

I'm particularly interested in seeing the paintings of Pierre Bonnard. I'm familiar with his name, but not his work. I look forward to exploring it in person.

Staying home for a while

After a travel-heavy holiday and a birthday trip to the coast within the first two weeks of January, I'm enjoying being home and getting my garden ready for Spring. We'll start planning tours and trips soon, but this little lull is the perfect opportunity to lay low and enjoy the last half of winter.

Whether your year is gearing up or staying calm, I hope you're enjoying it to the fullest.

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