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How I Unwind: Calligraphy

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

I remember learning to write cursive, and I loved it. I've never had perfect penmanship, but I have legible, unique writing. Even now, I enjoy updating my garden journal for the simple act of writing in script.

I don't remember exactly when I started experimenting with calligraphy. High school? College? I've had a pen and nib set for years (the nibs are old and need replacing), and recently decided I'd like to get back into it.

My husband gave me a new set of calligraphy fountain pens and inks, as well as a guide book and a practice book

I've been enjoying myself immensely in the practice of making elaborate letters. I do eventually want to take a class or series of classes to learn some different scripts, but I'm happy just playing with my pens and the letters I can make with them for now. I think part of the reason I enjoy it so much is because it's a way to keep my hands and mind occupied without looking at a screen.

I also get a kick out of writing random things in a fancy script, including the simple syrup label I whipped up below (as an aside: I used turbinado sugar, which is why our simple syrup is a brown/amber color).

It's a fun and rewarding exercise to share the things I do to unwind from the responsibilities of running a business. I think I've been more present while doing all of my hobbies since deciding to create this series. It's like getting restful sleep: I stay present during my down time, making it more effective as recreation. Then, I'm more on my game when it's time to work. I guess there should be a third level to the old adage: work hard, play hard, sleep well.

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