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How I Unwind: Sailing

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

Through a series of unique events, Bill and I were gifted a sailboat in late 2016. Bill was a sailor in his earlier days, learning on Lake Michigan off the coast of his hometown in Wisconsin. I'm a boat-lover in general, and was thrilled with the acquisition, so we got a slip on Percy Priest Lake and spent the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2017 on the water.

Sailing is the one true recreation Bill and I have. No computers, no work, no assignments, no shows, no major labor. Even though there's a CD player and radio on the boat, we generally prefer to sail without any background noise. The sound of the water and wind is all we need to hear.

We've been so busy with the garden expansion that we haven't been out yet this year, but we're looking forward to cleaning her up and taking her out.


Name: Omar

Maker: Hobie Cat

Model: Holder 18

Size: 18'

Year: 1984

Her first time in the slip. Comfortably fitting four, Omar is a perfect little day sailer.

Photo by Christa Crowder

Getting her in the water and set up to sail.

Photo by Christa Crowder

You can't miss us when we're out on the lake-we have very distinctive sails.

I look forward to summer sunsets on the water.

As much as I enjoy my career and other hobbies, sailing allows me a feeling of freedom and ease that's unmatched by anything else in my life. I never aspired to have a sailboat (I would have been happy with a canoe, or a pair of kayaks), but I'm so glad it worked out that we are able to have this sort of activity in our lives.

You can see featured images of photos I take when we're out on the water by following me on Instagram.

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