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Interior Photography: Original work by Charlotte Terrell at Edgehill Café

This project is a few years old (from December of 2015! Yikes!), but it's still entirely relevant to my current business.

I've worked with local artist Charlotte Terrell for a number of years, and we've done a lot of different projects together. When the owners of Edgehill Café commissioned a painting from Charlotte, she called on me to photograph the restaurant when the finished painting was installed.

I'm a big fan of photographing interiors with as much natural light as possible, which meant an early photo shoot due to the direction the windows face. I arrived at around 6am, an hour before the doors opened to the public.

That hour gave me plenty of time to move around, taking shots from different angles and getting my exposure right. Charlotte's piece looks incredible in the space, giving it a sophisticated feel while still retaining a cozy, friendly atmosphere.

If you're ever looking for a good place for lunch, early dinner, or even just to grab a cup of coffee and catch up with a friend, Edgehill Café is a wonderful option close to Music Row.

Edgehill Café is located at 1201 Villa Pl #101, Nashville, TN 37212 and open Mon – Fri 7am to 6pm, Sat – Sun 9am to 4pm. For more information or to contact the café, head to their website.

If you have an art installation or any kind of interior you'd like documented, contact me for pricing and scheduling.

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