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Promotional Materials: Layouts

Print ads, online events, social media posts, postcards, and on and on and on. There are dozens of ways to effectively promote your products/events/etc., and a comprehensive marketing strategy uses a few outlets to great advantage.

One of the skills I've honed over the past couple of years is rearrangement of layouts for promotion. Facebook events have a different aspect ratio than posts and ads, which have a different aspect ratio than Instagram posts and ads, which are also different from a standard-size printed postcard.

Even if I'm not the person doing the original design, I can always make a new layout from a digital file for a multitude of online promotions. The question is how is a designer supposed to keep track of all of the different dimensions for each different outlet?

I keep a Pinterest board for marketing that I update regularly. I check every three to four months for changes on social media platforms and update my board accordingly. Below, I've shared some layouts from a recent art show at Bennett Galleries Nashville. The original card was designed out-of-house, and I arranged layouts for promotion on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Luckily, Twitter and Instagram don't have the same strict layouts as Facebook.

The original layout for a print ad and postcard.

This image was used for a Facebook ad. Note the minimal text, which is required for Facebook ads.

The Facebook event image is, yet again, a slightly different layout.

A second version of the Facebook event image.

If you need different layouts of imagery for an event for promotion, contact me for pricing and scheduling.

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