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Garden Photography: Rachel's Garden at The Hermitage

One of the monthly meetings for the Master Gardeners of Davidson County took place at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, where the Master Gardeners take care of the kitchen gardens. It was my first time there, and, though I didn't see the house, I loved exploring the grounds.

Rachel's Garden is arguable the most important garden on the property. Designed in a formal style, the beds encircle a large area of lawn where people would have picnics, play games, and where Rachel would host garden parties. It was also a place where Rachel could stroll in relative privacy with close friends and family. After her death, Andrew Jackson walked the garden daily as a way to feel closer to her.

The paths are lined with well-shaped shrubs and native and exotic flowers. Trees occasionally arch over the path, offering much-needed shade during hot and humid summers. At the back of the garden is the family cemetery, including the large portico where the former president and his wife are buried.

Passing along a tree-lined path to the jewel of the garden, visitors are greeted by a beautiful array of colors and textures. The paths are in a symmetrical labyrinth design with the occasional bench available for relaxing. Globe amaranth, dianthus, and different types of daisies are heavily featured in individual beds, creating a controlled chaos of color. The center tree features rich red foliage, and invites the viewer in for a closer look at the large leaves.

If you have a chance to visit the Hermitage, make it a point to visit Rachel's garden. It's a beautiful way to spend a piece of an afternoon.

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