• Melanie

Reduce, Reuse, Repeat: Miranda Herrick at Marnie Sheridan Gallery

In February of 2017, Miranda Herrick had a show on the campus of Harpeth Hall at the Marnie Sheridan Gallery. I was fortunate to be asked to photograph the reception.

I love working with Miranda because her aesthetic is totally unique, her work is extremely colorful, and as meticulous as it is beautiful.

Photographing her Reflective series in an environment with so much shifting light was a welcome challenge.

Meanwhile, her Tetramir, Duality, and Works and Days series stand out as sets of stunningly intricate jewels.

If you've never seen Miranda's Rocket Science series, you're missing out. Made from Starburst wrappers, the simple story of a takeoff is created from an intricate quilt of recycled materials.

It's always fun to attend art openings, and I especially enjoy it when I get to document the event. Scroll through to see the photo series.

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