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Selling via Social Media

Everyone is looking for the biggest bang for their buck in marketing and advertising, and social media marketing, when done consistently and correctly, can attract an engaged audience that wants to do business with you.

I was recently contacted by Tenfold to share one of their articles, and the information they provide is invaluable to anyone looking to increase their profits via social media marketing. They focus on Twitter and LinkedIn, but the information can be applied to just about any social media platform.

Click through here to read about social selling and the benefits it can bring to your business. Thanks to writer Matt Goldman of Tenfold for the insightful article.

Social Selling Infographic, Tenfold, MAW Studio
Infographic from Tenfold; Source: Social Selling for the Moderns Sales Professional

Do you need guidance putting together a social media plan to jump start your sales? Contact me here for an appointment.

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