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Small but mighty: A robust one-page website

When my neighbor and fellow photographer, Deone Jahnke, contacted me about designing a one-page website, I was all in. I enjoy working with people who have their own concept of design, and Deone had a well thought-out vision for her site.

Deone's a portrait photographer, and she wanted a one-page gallery with different sets of photos showing the variety of her work. She planned her sets out in grids of four across, and each image opens in a lightbox so visitors can see her work in better detail.

The text is laid out as a way to separate the sets of photos and to give more insight into Deone's aesthetic and process. The intention is to draw visitors down the page to the contact information at the bottom without visual overwhelm. It was a tricky balance to find, but the selection of imagery and use of clean design allow it work beautifully.

Click through below to see the full site:

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