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Social media marketing: The 3 Cs

I can tell you from personal experience that regular maintenance of social media accounts can be hugely challenging. Luckily, research suggests that focusing on a few key platforms with is more effective than being on every platform sporadically.

No matter which (or how many) social media platforms you use or what your strategy is, there are a few rules of thumb that every business should adhere to for success. I call them the 3 Cs: Content, Consistency, and Communication.

Weekly and monthly social media post content planners by MAW Studio
Weekly and monthly content planners help me write and create content consistently

Content is the stuff you choose to post. Whether it's a thread on Twitter, a photo on Instagram, or an article on LinkedIn, your content should be relevant to your audience. It should reflect your point of view/brand and have a level of coherency in the message. If I'm in a content rut, I'll turn to Pinterest for marketing ideas and inspiration.

Consistency is how often you post. Whether you're on one platform or a dozen, being consistent with your posts is what keeps your audience engaged. Look at some of your favorite accounts with large followings. You'll likely notice that they post several times per day. Posting consistently even once per day on most platforms is a great start. On platforms like Twitter, posting multiple times per day (four or more) should be your starting target, and the limited character count makes it easy to share content from other outlets in and regarding your industry.

Consistency is my biggest challenge. After all, how can I find the time every day to post at the optimal time for each platform I'm on? This is where scheduling platforms like Later are a business owner's dream. You can plan weeks, even months in advance. I try to schedule four posts at a time two to three times per week.

Social media scheduling via Later by MAW Studio
My Instagram schedule on Later for the week of 12/3/2018

Communication is responding to and engaging with your followers. If someone takes the time to comment on or share one of your posts, respond. Even if it's just with a like (a comment is better!), it shows that person that their engagement with your post has been seen and appreciated. Social media is social, and connecting with your audience in this simple way creates trust in your brand/POV, and if you're an entrepreneur, you know how essential trust is in business.

By keeping the 3 Cs in mind, you're well on your way to social media marketing success. Need some guidance or a marketing plan laid out? Contact me for an appointment.

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