• Melanie

Summer Showcase at Bennett Galleries Nashville

Nashville is known as Music City, but there is a very strong visual arts community here. Working with Bennett Galleries Nashville over the years has connected me to a wonderful group of people. Their Summer Showcase featured three talented artists: Hannah Lane, Sherrie Russ Levine, and Toni Swarthout.

Hannah's colorful works span a variety of subject matter. Her crowd series has a wonderful sense of depth, and she makes impactful use of negative space in her florals.

Sherrie Russ Levine paints lovely city- and landscapes that make it easy to find respite in a bustling world. Her ability to capture the essence of a scene with light and color lends to her signature style.

Toni Swarthout creates abstract paintings that span the color wheel. Her work adds a wonderful dash of movement to any environment.

Enjoy the images from the opening of the Summer Showcase. If you need photography for your art opening, contact me for availability and pricing.

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