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The history of MAW: Melanie At Work

The beginning of MAW Studio is decidedly unglamorous. I was working a retail job at a small business, and I knew I wanted to focus more on photography; social media marketing was something that piqued my interest, though I was still using Facebook for more personal reasons than business promotion.

I was busy practicing photography on weekends at art events, did small jobs on the side like designing cards and laying out covers for a few EPs, and was creating a community of creative, supportive people around me.

In Fall of 2012, I cracked a tooth. The pain...oh, it was appalling. After a trip to the dentist and a large bill looming, I had to come up with some quick cash. I booked a lucrative job laying out a set of photo albums from a couple's six-month stay in Europe almost right away. I started working with Charlotte Terrell within a few weeks, and MAW Studio was born.

I don't know why the word "maw" has always been so appealing to me, but it has. Some version of the phrase "Shut your gaping maw; it's art!" has run through my head for over ten years, so when I came up with the phrase Melanie At Work, I knew I had my studio name.

Though the beginning wasn't well-planned, I can't imagine my life without my clients, the challenges of being a freelance contractor, and the varying schedule that keeps me engaged and interested in every day. Starting a business isn't for the faint of heart, but it's rewards make up for the stresses if you harness the right amount of grit, amiability, and gumption.

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