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The impact of alternate views of products in your online store

Updated: Jan 26, 2018

Any time I shop online, I want as much information as possible about the products I browse. No matter what I'm looking for, I want measurements, full details, and plenty of photos.

Alternate views of products in your web shop are a great way to help make sales and see repeat customers. Seeing an item to scale and from different angles establishes trust with your customer by literally showing them everything. It makes it clear that you have nothing to hide.

Here are few small businesses that do an exemplary job of showing their products in their best light with alternate views:

Freshie & Zero - For this jewelry brand, showing scale as well as enticing the customer with beautifully-styled product shots is in full effect. The care taken in the photography emphasizes the attention to detail and quality that this maker is known for in her jewelry. Not every item has styled product images, but each product is shown in detail and to scale on a model, making decision-making easy for the customer.

Rifle Paper Co. - This company's meticulous photography of their agendas is a big factor in why I purchased my last two from them. While they don't have alternate views for every product on their website, this company finds both creative and simple ways to have at least two images for most of them.

Charlotte Terrell - I gave Charlotte's website an overhaul in 2017 including the addition of an online store. One of the things Charlotte and I are adamant about is having plenty of visual information for each item in her store. Art sales is another area where scale matters, so we set up a photo shoot at a home with a neutral-toned fireplace. We use that interior as a template to show the scale of her work. Combined with detailed photos of the paintings and the panels they're on, Charlotte's alternate views provide excellent information for potential customers.

If you're setting up an online store for any product, make sure you include alternate views of your items. Though it's a bit more work on the back end, it's a way to build trust with potential customers as soon as they see your product page.

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