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The new Bennett Galleries Nashville Website

The Bennett Galleries Nashville website has long been a useful tool, but it was time to update the look, make it more user-friendly, and bring it to a wider audience with some back-end tweaks that make it easier to find on search engines. In August, I assessed the project, put together a proposal, and the re-design started in early September.

If you've never re-designed a 135+ page website, let me tell you, it is no joke! I learned new systems of organization, better time management, and found out exactly how long I can sit and work on the same web project (6 hours with a small break for stretching/moving each hour).

In the end, it turned out beautifully and I met my deadline with little to no panic. There are a few simple updates that make this a more effective sales tool for the BGN staff and a better online browsing experience for customers, including:

1. The art enlarges into light boxes for easier viewing;

2. An Announcement Bar at the top of the site with information on upcoming events and features;

3. My personal favorite, the Custom Framing Glossary page. This gives customers an idea of what sort of options they have when they go to the framing counter;

4. Mobile optimization takes the gallery in front of a younger audience who do a lot of their shopping and browsing on their mobile devices.

To view the entire website, click here.

Although this site echoes the layout of the original, the improvements that were made make it entirely new. I've enjoyed hearing the positive feedback from the owner of Bennett, the staff, the artists represented by the gallery, and the clients.

This may be the largest website I'll ever work on, and I've enjoyed learning new systems and tricks to streamline my workflow because of it.

What has your biggest project or client been so far? Did you love the challenge, or breathe a sigh of relief when it was over? I definitely felt a weight off when this was approved and launched, but I enjoyed the challenge when it was in front of me.

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