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Website design: Lupine & Poppies

Nashville, for as fast as it's grown and is growing, is still a big small town. When I first moved here, it took me a while to get used to it, and I still find myself meeting people who know twenty-seven of my other friends and acquaintances.

I met Lauren Peterson, owner of Lupine and Poppies farm, at a Tennessee Parks and Greenways event in the Summer of 2017. She's smart, funny, and clever, and has a wonderfully inquisitive nature.

She'd been in business for a year or two, and was ready to take the next step of launching a business website. We got to chatting at the event, and she took my card. I had treated myself to a few glasses of wine, so I wasn't entirely sure what sort of impression I'd made, but Lauren reached out to me a short while later, and we started work on her website.

Lauren was a dream to work with. She came to the table with some solid ideas, and had really clear goals for her website. Her main priorities were

  • Have a place to share what produce is available from the farm

  • Have an events page that she can use for farm-to-table events

She gave me a variety of colorful, detailed photos to choose from, had excellent verbiage, and I helped her refine her logo for use on the website and social media. It turned out to be a really clean, colorful, and engaging farm website.

Click through here to see the final product.

I love finishing projects, but I was a little bummed at the end of this one because Lauren was so charming to work with. I'll be sure to visit her at the Bellevue Farmers Market one of these weekends so we can catch up in person.

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