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Website Update: Charlotte Terrell's latest project: Wallpaper

It's so funny, all those years I grew up hearing about how "artists can't make a living" and "art doesn't pay the bills," and here I am, making a good chunk of my living working with successful artists.

As with anything, being a successful artist means thinking outside the box, being open to new avenues of income, and accepting challenges you're not even sure you can meet.

Charlotte Terrell is a great example of a risk-taking creative. Her idealized landscapes are universally appealing, and she's been asked many times over the years for murals, but murals are physically taxing and not the avenue for everyone.

So, what's an artist to do when a well-known designer wants to use her work but she doesn't paint on a mural scale? Make custom wallpaper, of course!

Each wall has a corresponding custom painting, which was then scanned in at a 4x larger scale and printed on wallpaper. Charlotte came in at the end and did hand-painted touchups and added her signature.

The final result is gorgeous! Click any of the images below to access her Custom Wallcovering page on her website (photos on the web page are from a Style Blueprint photo shoot, not taken by me).

Are you a designer or artist who would like a project or installation photographed? Contact me here for pricing and availability.

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