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Your website NEEDS these two things

One of my clients owns a local art gallery, and one of my jobs is running the gallery's social media accounts. They regularly bring in new artists, and the first thing I do when I'm getting ready to promote these artists online is go to their website to see if they have their social media accounts listed there.

There are so many artists' websites I've visited that not only don't have their social media accounts listed, but also have their contact information in tiny letters in the footer, or buried in a vast menu (I am guilty of both, and, in fact, just added the email icon to the social icons in the header on my website as I was writing this post).

Investing time and money in a website for your business is a necessity in this day and age. Your website should have these two things easily accessible on each page, regardless of your primary call-to-action (CTA):

  • A clear way to contact you, whether by email or phone

  • Links to your business-related social media accounts

The average person has a seven-second attention span once they get to a website, so if they're led there by your marketing strategy (or even if they stumble across your website by chance), don't make them click around for a way to get in touch with you. The easier it is for possible clients to contact you, the more your leads have the potential to turn into sales.

Miranda Herrick's social icons are clean and unimposing across her art website.

Her navigation menu is minimal, and there's no question about how to contact her.

Social media is an excellent way to build an online community and grow your business. Make sure to implement the easily-recognizable social icons across your website so even if people aren't ready to buy or book, they'll hop over to your Instagram feed to see what you're sharing, or head to Facebook to read your reviews.

The social icons on The One & Only Bill Davis' music website are clear but unobtrusive.

The best part about the ever-changing and ever-expanding world of internet marketing and promoting is that it's never too late to make a few simple changes here and there to start seeing a positive impact on your business.

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